Becoming a Catechumen

A catechumen is someone who is preparing to fully enter into the life of the Orthodox Church; this is typically through baptism (or chrismation). Becoming a catechumen means that one has truly made a commitment to live a life of repentance within the Orthodox Church. It is very much like formally announcing one’s engagement to be married. Then the preparations begin. The wedding ceremony is when one fully enters the life of the Church through their baptism and chrismation.

Entering the Life of the Church

When seekers wish to formalize their intention of living a life of repentance within the Church they may ask to become a catechumen, that is, someone who is learning how to live a life of repentance, the life in Christ. Catechumens are offered instruction and formation that is tailored to suit their personal knowledge and experience of the Orthodox Christian Faith, their spiritual needs, and their age. Catechumens receive special prayers and a blessing during every Divine Liturgy. When both the priest is confident that he or she is ready to be received into the Orthodox Church, and the catechumen is willing, they are received in the manner prescribed by the Holy Canons and Bishops of the Church. They are then welcomed to partake of the Holy Eucharist and the whole Mystical (Sacramental) life of the Church as it is prescribed for them.

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