Our Ministries

Our primary work and ministry as God's People is the worship of "the Holy, Consubstantial, Life-giving and Undivided Trinity." It is from this and our participation in the Holy Mysteries that we are empowered personally and collectively to serve and to minister to others. To become involved in many of these works membership is not required. It is through the ministries of the Church that we grow in our participation in what we pray God would do for us all: "rear the young, support the aged, encourage the faint-hearted...collect the scattered... set at liberty those who are oppressed... defend the widows, protect the orphans, free the captives, heal the sick..." and to be "the help of the helpless and hope of the hopeless" by God's grace.

An Orthodox Vision of Lay Ministries

Orthodox Christians believe that Jesus’ life example and teaching is at the base of their ministry. The Christian ministry is characterized by mutual love and concern for the building up of the body of Christ... 

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St Xenia Fellowship

St John Chrysostom has said that if we do not find Christ in our neighbour who is needy and poor then we will not find Him in the Chalice. The Patron Saint of our ministry to the needy is Xenia of Petersburg. She was herself a widow who gave all that she owned to the needy and poor and spent her life upon the streets serving and helping and praying for everyone that she met. The primary work of this ministry is providing a monthly meal at the Ray of Hope Soup Kitchen. In addition to serving these meals, we collect and distribute alms, food, clothing and other material needs to refugees, shelters, single-parents, pensioners, students and anyone who has a need that we are able to respond to.


Hospitality is a central aspect of Orthodox Spirituality. Like Abraham and Sarah of old we do not know when we may be ministering to angels unawares. (Genesis 18; Hebrews 13:2) Thus whenever we gather for the Divine Liturgy we always share another liturgy of fellowship, food and fun as a family. This is our hospitality to all who visit us and to every member of our parish family. This ministry involves organization, preparation and clean up week to week as well as for special events and celebrations in the life of our parish family. St Euphrósynos the Cook is the Patron of this ministry.


In Orthodox worship, music is an integral and important aspect of how we praise and worship our Lord. Many of our hymns have been sung for centuries by the Church, in various cultural styles, and our chanters and choir enjoy singing Orthodox music from Arabic, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, and American/Canadian Orthodox traditions.

“See that you fulfil the ministry which you have received in the Lord” 

Colossians 4:17

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