The Household Altar

The household altar is an important part of the Orthodox Christian life, our bookstore and icon stand offers all the necessary items to establish an altar in a home.

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Icon & Bookstore

Today there are more resources than ever before in the English language, modern and ancient, that express the orthodox faith. Our bookstore provides for these needs, for young and for old, for the inquirer, for the newly orthodox and for those who wish to deepen their faith.

Our bookstore features a selection of icons, books, and other devotional items, such as oil lamps, censers, and crosses. Our selection of children’s and adults’ books is varied and some are in various languages. Most of the items available for purchase have been brought from monasteries, across Orthodox Churches around the world.

Looking for a specific book or icon?

Reach out to us for more information about icons and books available in our bookstore. We are always working to improve our selection so check back often!